We believe you will get the best barbecuing experiences with a Weber grill – and we are not bashful about saying it. There is a reason why many people call any grill a 'Weber'. Weber was the leader in terms of functionality, quality and design in 1952, when we presented the original kettle grill – and has remained so ever since.

Did you know that the majority of Weber's grills are manufactured in the USA? Ideas are developed at Weber's Product Development department in Palatine, Illonois, and when a new idea is born, it is tested repeatedly among consumer groups, so that only the best ideas are selected.
The grills are again thoroughly tested in our two factories, close to the headquarters just outside Chicago. This includes exposure to all kinds of weather conditions, which is why we can confidently say; Yes, you can leave your grill outside all year round. It has been designed to withstand wind and weather, so it can provide you with great barbecue experiences for you, come rain or shine.
It is however a long process of preparation, before any grill gets manufactured, packed and shipped out into the world. It is crucial to us that the design, functionality and quality is exceptional, and this is why we are not afraid to offer up to 25 year's warranty on our grills.
Weber's range of grills is divided into three main groups: charcoal grills, gas grills and Weber® Q®. Which should you choose? What are the various advantages that each type offers? Which features should you give highest priority to? We are often asked these questions – and the answer is that it depends on your needs, because there is a grill for every situation.
Weber's charcoal grills are characterised by ...
• Porcelain-enameled lid and base, which retains heat and doesn't rust
• Glass-reinforced nylon handles, which can withstand all weather conditions
• No-rust aluminum vent in the lid to ensure the right air supply and flow
• Coated steel cooking and charcoal grates, which withstand rust and are easy to maintain
• Charcoal rails or charcoal fuel holders (depending on the model), which easily keep the charcoal briquettes in place.
• The large kettle grills come with the patented One-Touch® cleaning system, making it easy to remove the cold ashes
Weber's gas grills are characterised by ...
• A solid trolley frame, which provides a stable base for the grill
• A drip tray at the base, which makes cleaning easy and efficient
• Built-in Flavorizer® Bars to ensure perfect barbecue taste, distribute the heat and protect the burners from fat
• Infinitely adjustable burners to ensure total control over the temperature
• Some models have 'heat reflectors' under the burners, which help optimise heat distribution
• Attractive, timeless design, which looks great in any garden or balcony
Weber® Q® grills are characterised by ...
• Ready in no time, making the grill perfect for everyday use
• The lid and base are made of cast aluminum, making the grill heatproof and portable
• A two-part cast-iron grate, which optimally distributes the heat – and is also porcelain-enameled, increasing durability and ease-of-use
• Built-in Flavorizer® Bars in the grate to ensure the perfect barbecue taste, distribute the heat and protect the burners from fat
• Some models have practical side tables which provide a work area for food and tools
• Some models are mounted on a trolley, while others can be fitted to a solid stand, providing a good working height and a stable base for the grill
• Electric models available - great for spaces where the use of gas or charcoal isn't allowed