Juicy roasts, crispy pizzas, tender steaks or tasty seafood dishes. The food determines, which of the four cooking methods you should use. You’ll be amazed at the results you achieve by positioning your charcoal briquettes in a certain way or by adjusting the burners on your gas grill.

Charcoal: Evenly distribute the charcoal/briquettes across the entire charcoal grate.
Q®: Ignite the burners and set the heat to the desired level.
Gas: Place the food directly above the burners you have ignited. 
Good for: Chicken fillets, tiger prawns, meat patties, steaks and small cuts requiring 20 minutes cooking time or less.

Charcoal: Place the charcoal/briquettes on each side of the charcoal grate. Place an aluminum drip pan in the middle to collect juices and avoid unnecessary smoke.
Q®: On the Q®300/3000 series, only ignite the outer burner. On the smaller Q models, use low heat for a longer period of time. Use a roast holder for best results.
Gas: Only ignite the outer burners.
Good for: Leg of lamb, whole fish, chicken, beef tenderloin, roasts and other large cuts of meat requiring at least 20 minutes cooking time.

Charcoal: Spread the charcoal/briquettes evenly in a ring around the edge of the charcoal grate. Place an aluminum drip pan in the middle to collect juices and avoid unnecessary smoke.
Q®: Not possible – use indirect method instead.
Gas: Not possible – use indirect method instead. Good for: Pizza, quiche, bread, cake, turkey and other larger cuts of meat. 



Charcoal: Place all the charcoal/briquettes on one side of the charcoal grate and an aluminum drip pan on the other side to collect juices and to avoid unnecessary smoke.
Q®: First, sear the meat at high heat, then turn down the heat and grill using the indirect method.
Gas: Only ignite the burners on one side. If your gas grill has three burners, only ignite two.
Good for: Duck breasts, tenderloin, chicken cuts and nachos – or when you need to barbecue several things at once. You can grill meat on direct heat one side and grill indirectly on the other.



If you have poured the lit charcoal/briquettes into two char baskets, it is easy to switch between the direct, indirect and 50/50 cooking methods. Simply use your tongs to arrange the hot char baskets together in the middle of the charcoal grate for direct cooking, on each side of the grate for indirect cooking, or together on one side for 50/50. It's even easier on a gas grill - just turn the burners on and off.