Go-Anywhere Charcoal

Product information

  • Cooking area (cm): 41 x 25 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Lid and bowl: 10 years
  • Item Number: 1131004

The Go-Anywhere® Charcoal's unique space saving design makes it simple to transport and use. Perfect for camping and the beach! The Go-Anywhere® Charcoal’s folding legs are triple-plated steel to prevent it burning the surface it stands on. They also fold over the lid to hold it in place during transport meaning that you can clean it when you get home.

Product data
Item Number 1131004
Product category Charcoal grills
Cooking area (cm) 41 x 25
Outer measures - Height (cm) 37
Outer measures - Width (cm) 53
Outer measures - Depth (cm) 31
EAN 0077924029271
TUN 1658601
NOBB 47258835
FINFO 5894251
Lid and bowl 10
Handles. 5
Charcoal grate 2
Cooking grates 2
Warranty all other parts 2
Product details
Fuel Charcoal
Porcelain enamelled lid and bowl Yes
Glass-reinforced handles 3
Plated steel cooking grate Yes
Stainless aluminum vent Yes
Colour Black


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