Bar-B-Kettle 47 cm

Product information

  • Cooking area (cm): 47 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Lid and bowl: 10 years
  • Item Number: 1231004

Why choose a copy, when you can get the original? The Bar-B-Kettle® grill is a classic version of the kettle barbecue George Stephen invented in 1952. The barbecue is available in two sizes – 47 cm and 57 cm – and this elegant shiny black barbecue is great for experimenting with the different barbecuing methods.

Product data
Item Number 1231004
Product category Charcoal grills
Cooking area (cm) 47
Outer measures - Height (cm) 91
Outer measures - Width (cm) 56
Outer measures - Depth (cm) 51
EAN 0077924003202
TUN 1439051
NOBB 42846232
FINFO 4913740
Lid and bowl 10
Handles. 5
Charcoal grate 2
Cooking grates 2
Warranty all other parts 2
Product details
Fuel Charcoal
Porcelain enamelled lid and bowl Yes
Glass-reinforced handles 2
Heat shield handle Yes
Plated steel cooking grate Yes
Stainless aluminum vent Yes
Aluminium ash catcher pan Yes
Charcoal rails Yes
Measuring cup Yes
Swivel casters 2
Colour Black


1231004 AssemblyInstructions (PDF, 3.8 MB mb)

1231004 Manuals (PDF, 45.5 MB mb)

1231004 Schematics (PDF, 72.4 KB mb)