Kettle Plus GBS 47 cm

Product information

  • Cooking area (cm): 47 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Lid and bowl: 10 years
  • Item Number: 13601004

A brand new dynamic kettle grill with stylish coloured components that boast functionality and design! Better ergonomics, as this 47cm kettle has a higher grilling position – a height increase of 8%, compared to other 47cm charcoal grills. The Kettle Plus 47cm also features many of the MasterTouch luxuries incl. a hinged GBS® cooking grate, Tuck-Away lid holder, rubber wheels, tool hook handles, as well as improved ash collection and a newly designed charcoal grate for; improved performance, quick and efficient ignition plus additional wire material for improved usage of lump charcoal.

Product data
Item Number 13601004
Product category Charcoal grills
Cooking area (cm) 47
Outer measures - Height (cm) 96.5
Outer measures - Width (cm) 57.7
Outer measures - Depth (cm) 62
EAN 0077924051890
TUN 1880721
NOBB 51418674
FINFO 6567752
Lid and bowl 10
Handles. 5
One-Touch® cleaning system 5
Charcoal grate 2
Cooking grates 2
Warranty all other parts 2
Product details
Fuel Charcoal
Porcelain enamelled lid and bowl Yes
Glass-reinforced handles 2
Heat shield handle Yes
Thermometer Yes
Tuck-Away™ lid holder Yes
Gourmet BBQ cooking grate Yes
Stainless aluminum vent Yes
Aluminium ash catcher pan Yes
Alumiunum ash catcher assembly Yes
Tool holders 2
Measuring cup Yes
Swivel casters 2
Colour Black


13601004 AssemblyInstructions (PDF, 2.6 MB mb)

13601004 Schematics (PDF, 168.4 KB mb)