Grilled Banana with Vanilla Icecream


50 g hazelnuts, fresh raspberries, 4 bananas, a neutral cooking oil, and vanilla ice cream

In the kitchen

  • Finely chop the nuts and wash the berries.

On the grill

  • Prepare the grill ready for indirect cooking, close the lid on and allow the grill to heat up.
  • Place the bananas in the center of the cooking grate and grill until the skin is completely black and the banana is soft. Meanwhile, toast the hazelnuts in a little oil (on a griddle or in a frying pan on the side burner, or in your kitchen).
  • Remove the bananas and nuts from the grill.
  • Make an incision in the bananas and fill with vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and toasted nuts to serve.



Put some extra bananas on the grill and make banana milkshakes for the kids. Blend the grilled bananas with vanilla ice cream and a bit of icing sugar to taste. You can further add a splash of milk, until you get the desired consistency.