Tenderloin en croûte


300 g mushrooms, 5 banana shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp sunflower oil, 1 tbsp flour, 350 ml red wine (or alternative), 300 ml beef stock, salt & pepper, 500 g chicken breasts, 1 egg white, 650 ml cream, 1 handful of fresh broad-leafed parsley, 1 small celeriac, 10 Jerusalem artichokes, 200 ml water, 600 g beef tenderloin, 1 sheet of puff pastry, 25 x 35 cm and 1 egg yolk

In the kitchen

  • Clean the mushrooms and slice coarsely.
  • Peel the shallots and garlic, and chop finely.
Brown the mushrooms, shallots and garlic in oil in a saucepan for 3-5 minutes, then add the flour and stir well.
  • Add the red wine/alternative and reduce by half while stirring.
  • Add the beef stock and reduce until the sauce thickens, then season to taste with salt and pepper.
Cut the chicken into small cubes and blend finely in a mini chopper together with half a teaspoonful of salt. 
Add the egg white and blend gently with the mini chopper.
  • Add 250 ml of cream and blend gently again until the soufflé filling is smooth.
  • Wash, dry and chop the parsley, then fold into the soufflé filling. 
Peel, wash and dry the celeriac and Jerusalem artichokes, dice coarsely and boil in cream over a medium heat in a saucepan with the lid on for approx. 25 minutes – or until the celeriac is tender.
  • Drain off the liquid, but do not discard. Blend the celery and Jerusalem artichokes, adding cooking liquid to achieve a creamy consistency, and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Place the puff pastry on baking paper and spread the soufflé filling on top, leaving a 5 cm border.

On the grill

  • Prepare the grill for direct heat, approx. 280-290°C.
  • Trim the tenderloin, brush with a little oil and cook over direct heat for 3 minutes on each side.
Prepare the grill for indirect heat.
  • Place the barbecued tenderloin on the filling, wrap the filling and tenderloin in the puff pastry, and seal the ends.
  • Cut the baking paper to size, transfer the wrapped tenderloin to a cold baking stone with the baking paper in between, and brush the pastry with a little egg yolk.
Place the baking stone with the wrapped tenderloin on it in the middle of the grill. Insert an iGrill probe in the tenderloin, set to 56°C, and put the lid on the grill (alternatively use other grill thermometer).
  • Cook the puff pastry parcel for approx. 30-35 minutes, or until the core temperature is reached.
  • Allow the tenderloin en croûte to rest for 10-15 minutes before slicing.


It is important to set the core temperature a couple of degrees below what you want, as the temperature in meat cooked en croûte will rise another degree or two.


Recommended equipment: iGrill thermometer, or other grill thermometer, baking stone and basting brush.