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Can my Weber grill really cope with being outside all year round?

A Weber grill is made of solid first-class materials, so it doesn't have to be put away during the less barbecue-friendly times of year. You can safely leave your grill on the patio all year round, as it is built to withstand all normal weather conditions. This is why we confidently offer a rust and enamel guarantee on our grills. If you put a cover on your grill, you also protect it against grime, dust, sand and humidity, etc. However, it is a good idea to clean your grill regularly using water, soap and Weber's specially formulated cleaning products, as food residue and dirt can easily adhere and cause undesirable surface rust. Please note that surface rust can be removed and is therefore not covered by Weber's warranty program. 
I have a warranty claim on a Weber product, what should I do?
If you have a warranty claim on a Weber product you should take the product and your receipt to the dealer from whom you purchased the product as soon as you discover the fault. If the product is a grill, be sure to take along the grill serial number, which is printed in the manual and on a sticker on the grill. The dealer will then assess whether the product is defective and contact Weber if so. Defects and damage resulting from abnormal weather conditions, incorrect use of the product or normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. Any product defects are naturally covered by our warranty program and will be rectified. You should not contact us directly, but let your dealer process the warranty claim.
Weber Customer Service may ask for documentation for the claim in some situations, in the form of photos of the damage, or return of the product. Remember that the better the photographic documentation you send to Weber Customer Service, the better able we are to assess the claim.
There is rust on my Weber grill – what should I do?
Weber's rust warranty guarantees against corrosion – this means the warranty does not cover surface rust. Surface rust is often seen on welded joints and can be easily removed using Weber's cleaning products or non-acidic oil (e.g. WD40). However, if you find corrosion due to rust, and you have used and cared for the product in accordance with the instructions which came with it, your product is naturally covered by the warranty program and the defect will be rectified.
What is special about Weber's warranty program?
All Weber products are covered by a comprehensive warranty program, with up to 10 years' warranty on selected components of given products.
To be eligible under Weber's warranty program you must have proof of the date of purchase in the form of a receipt. The product must also have been used as prescribed in the instructions which came with the grill.
The warranty program does not cover damage caused by misuse, inappropriate use, incorrect installation, modifications, inadequate maintenance, inadequate cleaning, etc. The warranty does not cover damage due to abnormal weather conditions (such as hail, storms, earthquakes, etc.) or contact with chemicals, direct or airborne (such as storing or using the product in environments high in chlorine or salt). Please also refer to the warranty provisions that came with your Weber product.
If you fulfil the above conditions you are entitled to make a claim – this means that the part(s) of the product which are defective will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Contact your local Weber dealer, who will process your claim.
Why should I choose a Weber product over other grill brands?

There is a reason why many people call any kind of kettle grill a "Weber". It is because Weber were the pioneers when the original kettle grill was introduced in 1952 – and have continued to break new ground ever since.
Weber's explicit vision is to create the best barbecue experiences for our customers. It has always been important to Weber to be at the forefront and have its finger on the pulse – in order to satisfy customers' requirements. Weber therefore spends a lot of time and effort on product development.
Much has happened since 1952, and a wide variety of grills have seen the light of day, such as the wheelbarrow grill, barrel grill, coffee-table grill, serving-trolley grill, well grill, and many more. Some ideas have persisted, while others were quickly scrapped. However, one thing hasn't changed all these years – quality, functionality and design have always been the highest priorities. This is why Weber provides up to 10 years' warranty on selected components of given products.