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How to register your grill, locate your nearest Weber retailer and read our informative product user guides

How do I find the closest Weber dealer?



There are a vast number of Weber dealers with various product ranges around the country. Find the dealers closest to you.
I have a specific product question, whom should I contact?

If you have a question about a Weber product, the easiest thing to do is to contact your local Weber dealer. They will often be able to help you quickly and easily. If your dealer is unable to help you, you can contact us at: 


E: info@weberstephen.ae
P: +971 4 454 1626

F: +971 4 454 2763 
Where can I find user instructions and other relevant information about my grill?

You can download any of the available manuals, exploded diagrams or assembly instructions for Weber's entire product range, quickly and easily. Weber's products are divided into 'Grill models' and 'Grill accessories', and subdivided into various categories and subcategories. When you click on a category or subcategory, a complete list of all the products within that category is displayed. Click on the product you are interested in. You will find descriptions and specifications under each product – and you can also download manuals, exploded diagrams or assembly instructions.
Why aren't all of Weber's products available at my local dealer?

Weber dealers are divided into categories, depending on their product range and store organisation and size.
Why should I register my Weber grill on this website?

All Weber grill owners are requested to register their grill online here. We use the information you share with us to offer you the best possible assistance. It also aids us in the ongoing development of our products.
Often when you register a product online, you end up receiving tons of spam mail and advertisements which you have not asked for. We guarantee that this will not happen in our case. You tick the boxes to indicate what information you wish to receive from Weber, and if you do not wish to receive it, we won't send it. That's a promise!
Thank you for your assistance, and we wish you all the best with your new Weber product.