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How to get started with your gas grill

Gas Leak Test

The first leak test should be done before the first use of the grill, even if the grill was dealer assembled. After the initial leak test, you should perform one every time you disconnect and reconnect a gas fitting.
Instructions can be found in the owner's manual, which came with your grill.


Gas Regulators

Weber's regulators are fitted to local market specifications and do therefore not need replacing when you make your grill purchase, e.g. if you live in Dubai, your grill comes complete with a Dubai approved regulator. Similarly, if you live in Riyadh, your grill will come with a Saudi approved regulator and so on. If the regulator provided by Weber is removed or tampered with, your Weber Warranty program is void. If your Weber regulator needs replacing, please contact your nearest Weber dealer, who will happily do this for you.

Gas Distributors


Abu Dhabi, UAE
ADNOC is the gas distributor for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. You can contact Tarish Gas or visit any ADNOC petrol station for refill of your LPG gas cylinder.

Dubai and Northern Emirates, UAE
If you are living in Dubai, Weber recommends getting your gas delivered from an authorized Emirates Gas LLC dealer. Emirates Gas provides new cylinders for consumers purchasing LP Gas cylinders for the first time and offers convenient ways of refilling them through its authorized distributors. The LP Gas is non-poisonous and safe to use. It is always available and your Emirates Gas distributor will promptly deliver your refill or new cylinder to your home. For authorized distributors for door to door delivery in Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain visit Emirates Gas.

Information not available.

Contact your nearest gas supplier. Please note that not all Weber BBQs are made for Natural Gas. If in doubt, please contact your nearest Weber dealer.


Information not available.  

Please contact Kuwait Gas Company to find your nearest outlet.

Information not available.

Please visit your nearest Woqod petrol stations.

Saudi Arabia
Click here Gasco to see a list of gas suppliers for each region.


Please note! 
All of Weber’s gas grills come with a regulator fitted to your local market. Do not remove or cut off. Weber is not responsible for any gas sales or supply in the region, and is not liable for any changes to information in the market.

Updated July 2014.